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20th Anniversary party
Liz & my 20th anniversary party. 20 years since we got together while freezing to death standing outside a share house one frosty May midnight.
May 31, 2014
Abigail's Pirate Party
Sep 22, 2013
Ainsley's 30th party
Apr 01, 2008
Alisha's going away
Alisha had a party when she left HRS
Aug 15, 2004
Went to Almazett for dinner
Mar 30, 2006
Amber's going away party
Amber went away to Hong Kong to study for 6months.
Aug 31, 2007
Andrew Heale's birthday
2002, at his parent's place in East Malvern
Mar 10, 2002
Andrew, Erin & Julian's housewarming
At the Ridge
May 07, 2003
Andrew, Erin, Julian's housewarming
Housewarming for Winston St
Apr 30, 2006
Liz and me went for a walk up around Kallista on our anniversary, took some random photos, saw lots of wildlife
May 23, 2007
Another foggy day
Walking to work, Friday the 2nd June, it was kind of foggy still
Jun 11, 2006
Anthony & Elly's wedding
In Syd-en-ee
Oct 11, 2015
Arcanacon 2003
Arcanacon XXI, with the theme of Anniversaries, Birthdays and Celebrations
Feb 01, 2003
Arcanacon 2006
Jan 31, 2006
Arcanacon 2008
I was running Generation Gap with Rohan and Ian, so didn't get many photos taken.
Feb 02, 2008
Arcanacon 2009
Didn't get to go for too long, but Liz and me ducked in with Hamish for an arvo, and I went along to the post con.
Feb 02, 2009
Arcanacon XXII
Arcanacon general photos
Jan 29, 2004
Arcanacon XXIII
Arcanacon XXIII, January 2005. Theme was conspiracies, secrets and paranoia...
Feb 01, 2005
Arcanacon XXIX
Mostly from the prizegiving....
Feb 03, 2011
Arcanacon XXV - 2007
I didn't take a lot of photos this year - I spent a lot of time on the rego desk, and its not a good room for taking photos. Hard to get the light right, as there are spots where its bright, fooling the camera, etc.
Feb 10, 2007
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