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Summer lightning storm
I sat out on the back porch during a storm in early December and took a bunch of long exposures.
Dec 06, 2004
Scotchman's creek, October 2004
Oct 12, 2004
Went on holiday with Liz to a B&B up in Daylesford
Sep 19, 2004
Spring Garden
Random shots around our garden
Sep 15, 2004
Alisha's going away
Alisha had a party when she left HRS
Aug 15, 2004
MURP Camp 2, 2004
August MURP camp
Aug 08, 2004
March Camp 2004 - sunsets
Sunset shots from Greyfriars, 2004
Aug 04, 2004
Geelong Cemetaries
I wandered around the Eastern and Western Geelong cemetaries for a day while Sarah was on her course.
Jul 04, 2004
Kelly's going away party
We went out when Kelly left HRS
Jun 28, 2004
Melbourne General Cemetary
I was wandering around the cemetary and surrounds with a camera on a day off. Yes, because I was being a werewolf nerd
Jun 25, 2004
I spent a day wandering around the city, having taken a day off to do so... unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and it was fairly glary.
Jun 11, 2004
Yet Another Sunset
Wandered up and around the neighbourhood with Liz, taking photos. Partially to play with the camera, partially to get shots of the nice autumn sunsets
Jun 08, 2004
Long Day
Either end of a long day - dawn and dusk. The dawn ones were blurry (yay nikon autofocus), but I liked the colours so I kept them. Both sets out the windows of our 2nd storey.
May 31, 2004
Liz and me wandered around the Dandenongs for a rather rainy day in May. We went to the Sherbrooke falls and the Olinda falls (so many stairs) and got wet and amused.
May 17, 2004
Sunset, May 04
Playing with the camera down at the local oval
May 15, 2004
Beach, post moving
We helped Sarah move (again) and then went down to the beach for fish and chips
Apr 12, 2004
Greyfriars Camp, March 2004
The usual March trip down to Mt Eliza, 2004
Apr 04, 2004
Whirling Skies
The sunset one day suddenly turned unbelievable spectacular. A combination of crap in the air to stain colour and the low, textured cloud meant the whole sky lit up orange and red
Apr 01, 2004
Ian's 10 year Australia party
Ian had been here for 10 years, and decided to have an anniversary party.
Feb 22, 2004
Sandringham, Feb 2004
It was a hot day, and for some reason I made it down to the beach miles early before everyone else, so I messed about with my camera for a while
Feb 22, 2004
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